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Challenge Math
For the Elementary and Middle School Student

Math is often taught as all scales and no music.  This book contains the music!

A unique new resource for children gifted in math. Children will love the fascinating true stories that tie math and science together and will be challenged by 1000 problems at three levels of difficulty. 
Parents and teachers will appreciate the entertaining instructional format that makes teaching and learning enjoyable. This book allows children to improve their problem solving skills and see the wondrous side of math and its important role in the world.  (345 pages)
What people are saying about 
Challenge Math...
Reviewed in Home Education Magazine Nov.-Dec. 2000

"...the intent here is not problems for the sake of rote practice, but problems to encourage thought and interest, and to give kids a feel for the many fascinating real-world uses of math. Metric conversions are demonstrated with measurements of elephant tusks, viruses, and the wingspans of ancient dragonflies; statistics explained with examples taken from medical research; ratios and proportions taught with jumping fleas, metal alloys, map scales, and the heights of trees. All the basics are here too: for example, kid-friendly introductions to the Pythagorean theorem, the "how-tos" of dividing fractions and coordinate graphing, the distinctions among sine, cosine, and tangent, the formulas for calculating the volumes of cylinders and spheres.

Challenge Math is a great resource for the worksheet-discouraged and the mathematically curious." 

- Becky Rupp, Ph.D.



Spiral Bound $26.95

“Finally, I have a curriculum for my brightest math students that really challenges them and develops their problem solving skills.”   

- Teacher of talented and gifted



“I’m an elementary teacher, so I have to laugh---my son is so excited about doing these problems that I find myself saying to him that he’ll need to limit himself to two hours or less of math per night.”
- Parent of 6th grader


“Invaluable as a classroom math program enrichment resource, Challenge Math is also and ideal and highly recommended resource for home-schooled students as well."

- Wisconsin Book Watch

Includes chapters on:

Astronomy Algebra Problem Solving Percents
Fractions Decimals Ratio & Proportions Physics
Statistics Probability Metric System Perimeters
Area Volumes Trigonometry Calculus

(Sample Page)

24 Challenge Math

Think 1

A group of 24 college students decided to climb Mt. McKinley.  They bought enough food to last 20 days.  If 16 additional students join them, how many days will their food last?

When you are faced with a problem such as this, the best approach is to Think 1.

If the food will last 20 days for 24 students, then for 1 student, that amount of food will last 20 x 24 or 480 days.  Once you think about 1 person, the problem becomes fairly easy.
1 student..................... ..................................... 480 days
2 students.................... divide by 2...................... 240 days
3 students.................... divide by 3...................... 160 days
40 students.................. divide by 40.................... 12 days

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